BadgeMission Statement:
The Fresno Police Chaplaincy is a non-profit organization partnering with law enforcement to bring hope to our community.
Our Role:
The Fresno Police Chaplaincy was created in 1981 to minister to the needs of a growing community and provide a support service for the Fresno Police Department. Through challenges and growing pains the FPD Chaplaincy has become one of Fresno’s undiscovered treasures. 
The hidden treasure was unearthed as the chaplaincy grew to understand its role as a support service to the police department and as a conduit for those impacted by difficult and sometimes devastating events in our community. Often the connotation for “Chaplains” is a ministry to the dead and dying. We refuse to accept this and understand our role and opportunities are to the living. 
We work hand in hand with the Employee Assistant Program (EAP) to provide quality support to members of the Fresno Police Department. Through relationships our chaplains have opportunities to give biblical counsel, encouragement and practical assistance to our PD Family.
In community we assume the role of a Spiritual Triage Unit. Our Chaplains respond to calls for service 365 days a year; chaplains provide immediate care and comfort to our citizens along with follow up, in an attempt to make connections to local resources. In 2012 our role in community expanded through the partnership with Fresno Unified School District allowing School Resource Chaplains on elementary campuses to teach a character and integrity curriculum.