Project STEALTH Mentorship

"Connecting the at risk with those willing to risk"

Candidate Requirements:

  • Submit all requested documentation
  • Take part in an oral board interview
  • Undergo a background investigation

Chaplain Responsibilities:

Volunteers will participate in bringing hope to the lives of our city’s youth and their families that are experiencing a challenging time (runaway, family dysfunction, domestic violence), meeting them with commitment and resources through mentorship, advocacy and referral services.

  • Mentorship- provides a caring adult for youth to trust, build one-on-one relationships and participate in recreational and educational activities, to offer hope and direction for their lives

  • Advocate- assists and empowers young people in problem solving strategies and develop plans for their best interest such activities include, accompanying to juvenile court proceeding and academic meetings

  • Referral Services- connecting youth to community resources available to them such as low-cost counseling, job readiness training and other appropriate programs

Additional training includes orientation from department personnel and experienced Chaplains, field training, personal instruction and best practices working with youth and other related information.


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