Fresno Police Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Officers can call for a chaplain any time they feel the circumstances warrant it or a citizen requests one. As "First Responders" Fresno Police Chaplains are uniquely positioned to respond to emergent and non-emergent needs to the citizens of The City of  Fresno. During the more than 9000 hours of time volunteered each year, chaplains can be dispatched to:
  • Offer counsel
  • Critical Incidents
  • Provide immediate care and comfort to the hurting
  • Act as a conduit for follow up assistance and resources
  • Provide shelter using our NEST (Neighborhood Emergency Support Team)
  • Act as a buffer between citizens and police.


Fresno Police Chaplains are also used proactively for follow up on nonviolent domestic disturbance calls. Imagine the opportunity for change as a doorstep approach to engaging the broken relationships within our city. Patrol Chaplains resond in a follow up capacity to assess root problems within relationships, encourage adopting the desire for change and connecting to community resources.



Safety-           The safety of our community is threatened by domestic violence. Experience has taught us that repetitive disturbance calls, which go unresolved have a propensity to escalate in violence, often times ending in homicide. How individuals are taught to deal and resolve conflict directly affect each of our officers responding to these calls. If cycles of unacceptable social behavior are left unmanaged they will certainly transfer to children making this a violent cycle affecting the entire community.

 Service-         The Fresno Police Department prides itself on the services we provide. This effort works hand in glove with our pursuit of excellence in service. We are sending the message we are committed to the citizenry of Fresno, not only in responding to immediate requests to deal with the incidents at hand, but perhaps more important, the root of the disturbance and options for successful reconciliation for those experiencing relational difficulties. No form letters, no sterile telephone calls, but a door to door approach to healing and recovery.

Trust-             Trust is gained through experience and mutual admiration. The message is clear; the Fresno Police Department is in touch with the community it serves. It uses its full measure of resources to make the deepest impact on the lives we come in contact with. Unsolicited follow- ups express a genuine concern for the people we serve. People are left with a proper view of their importance along with a positive contact from the police department, thus bridging the gaps left behind by a voluminous call load, elevated temperaments, and time restraints.