Chaplain Brochure-2

SRC SmMission:

Fresno S.R.C. are on campus to help identify and reduce crimes against children, provide a support element to families and staff, along with integrating socially acceptable life choices and behaviors.

The Fresno Police School Resource Chaplains spend time on campuses developing relationships with students, staff and administrators. Partnering with the Fresno Police Department’s Violators of Innocent Children Eradicated (VOICE) task force and with highly specialized training, the Chaplains will be an additional resource for identifying victims, becoming an advocate for the victim and the victim’s family along with connecting the families with available and appropriate community services.
Secondary goals of the School Resource Chaplains are:
  • Teach character building curriculum
  • Offer appropriate casual counseling
  • Support steady attendance and good study habits
  • Give students and staff their time
  • Partner with the school on special needs and problems
  • Provide a casual Law Enforcement presence
  • Respond quickly to emergency needs
School Resource Chaplains meet Constitutional Guidelines for involvement in Public Schools.. 
(Lemon v. Kurtzman, 403 U.S. 602 (1971)
  • They provide a practical, secular service
  • They are non-sectarian, serving all people
  • They are free of excessive government and religious entanglement
Participating Elementry Schools:
  • Addams Elementary
  • Aynesworth Elementary
  • Bakman Elementary
  • Birney Elementary
  • Burroughs Elementary
  • Columbia Elementary
  • Easterby Elementary
  • Hildago Elementary
  • Homan Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Lowell Elementary
  • Mayfair Elementary
  • New Spirit Elementary
  • Norseman Elementary
  • Olmos Elementary
  • Pyle Elementary
  • Roeding Elementary
  • Williams Elementary
  • Wilson Elementary
  • Winchell Elementary
  • Wolters Elementary
  • Marjaree Mason Center (Jan. 2016)