(Resilience in Student Education)

In First Grade classrooms all over the City of Fresno, our Resiliency Coaches are reading books to children in the community. The books are specially chosen to teach children principles of compassion, caring, and responsibility…

There are still many Fresno elementary schools ready and waiting for their classroom to be a part of this wonderful program…
“This program is helping our little ones to better deal with conflict. We have noticed a decrease in negative behavior in our 1st grade students. Even our most difficult students are trying to behave. We really appreciate Mrs. E. and all her hard work.”
 ~ Thomas Fuentes, Wolters Elementary Vice-Principal

What Are the responsibilities of Resiliency coaches?

  • Complete the Fresno Police Department background check
  • Participate in training activities
  • Commit to up to 5 hours each week, at one school, during the school year
    • Deliver 30 minute prepared lessons to a 1st grade class every week
    • Build positive relationships through interaction with students at recess times
  • Provide an extra layer of protection for children by assuming the responsibility of a mandated reporter
  • Attend monthly Resiliency Coach breakfast meetings during the school year
You Can Make a Difference!
If you enjoy reading to children and have up to 5 hours a week available, the RISE Program could be a great fit!